Happy Streets

Car free movements have sprung all over the world in the last decade as communities and citizen networks look to reclaim streets from clogging cars back to human activities. New York, Bagota, Toronto, Curitiba, Seoul, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo are some of the cities that have understood the vital importance of streets as public spaces that can be adapted for activities for people by promoting car free days for pedestrians and bicyclists.  In India too,  local activism has combined with city support and public engagement to provide momentum to green street networks for non motorized mobility. 

In this inaugural session of NIUA's dialogue series, join us in a panel discussion about the success of these programs and challenges for replication and sustainability. Two case studies,  Raahgiri Day  and Diu's Cycle Track  will be discussed with Amit Bhatt and Anuj Malhotra. The topics addressed will be:

  • Implications of Non Motorized transport for local city mobility strategy
  • Economic, Cultural and Environmental outcomes and impact
  • Forming stakeholders across local authorities, communities, civil society organization, media and political parties and building momentum to reclaim streets
  • Initiatives and lessons from international and national cases
  • Way forward for the Indian cities
Amit Bhatt - Strategy Head (Urban Transport), EMBARQ India & Anuj Malhotra - Executive Director, Centre for Green Mobility
Monday, August 25, 2014
Lecture Room II, Basement (Annexe) India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi