National Institute of Urban Affairs proposes to initiate e-Learning courses for urban practitioners as part of its capacity-building endeavors. Supported by the vast experience and knowledge repository of the WBI, NIUA, proposes its pilot e-Learning course titled ‘Sustainable Urban Land use Planning’, under the CA grant for the PEARL programme. While WBI, through its existing course material, promises to bring in expertise, learning and knowledge from across the World Bank group and its partners, NIUA assisted by Subject Matter Experts from across the country, proposes to plug-in Indian experiences and adapt the content to the urban context in India. While it can serve as a refresher course for trained planning personnel, it is also meant to be accessible to a wider audience, comprising of broad set of stakeholders. The course, supported by case stories from Indian and Global contexts, will allow one to understand the various constraining and enabling regulations and tools that are instrumental, notionally as well as in reality, responsible for changing the urban landscape. The attempt here is to level with the reality in terms of physical and spatial transformations and dialogues and debates that are currently taking place in the urban realm in India.