Knowledge Products

Knowledge solutions are usually in the form of documentation of good practices or research activities and their dissemination. The approach adopted is by inviting cities to present their innovative initiatives, secondary desk based studies and presenting initiatives which are recognized during numerous knowledge activities.

Documentation highlights methodological nuances, lessons learned, innovation, sustainability mechanisms and replicability of the same for other cities. Dissemination of knowledge is usually done through newsletters and other knowledge products which are available in regional languages.

Currently, there are three products employed to allow dissemination of knowledge and best practices:

1. Good Practices Documentation -These are documented in the form of "National Good Practices" "Global Good Practices" and "urban Initiatives" taken up by city governments. The cases are then published as a catalogue of good practices on specific themes.The themes documented are: Water and Sanitation; Cultural Heritage; Solid Waste Management, Urban Transport; Urban Reforms and ICT.

2. Research - A number of research projects spanning a diverse cross-section of interlinking urban issues are carried out under PEARL. 

3. Newsletter - Two to three newsletters are released every year to record and recapitulate important events connected to PEARL - like conferences and workshops.