Impact Assessment of Change in Public Transport System under JNNURM

The aim of this exercise was to evaluate the impact of the buses procured under the project and improvements made in the transport sector.


Transit Oriented Developent

Transit oriented development intends to study the evolution of transit oriented development in global perspective and various city implementations with their impact. 

Exploratory Research on Smart Cities

This study is essentially a survey of literature and theories about smart cities. It is not a compendium of solutions or an illustration of the smart cities mission of the Government of India. As the title suggests, it is essentially a navigation tool that might be useful for those who wish to understand the context in which smart cities in India are being envisaged. The area-based approach of the Ministry of Urban Development, which is directed towards revitalising existing cities through a systematic improvement of entire living environments, is likely to be a unique contribution to the history of smart city development. As such, it is a story that needs to be documented and analysed in a different publication. NIUA intends to follow up this study with an intensive analysis of the aims and outcomes of the mission.

Managing Peri Urban Expansion

This research intends to identify sub-regions in the National Capital Region exhibiting accelerated and decelarated growth patterns and document the existing infrastructure, economies, functional linkages and management structures in two of such identified sub-regions.